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What Should you do Before Honey Harvest?

Le 19 January 2015, 09:42 dans Humeurs 0

Almost every beekeeper looks forward to the day when they are able to reap the rewards of their hive - the honey! Local honey created by your bees is one of the best aspects of starting a hive. For those beekeepers who have never extracted honey from their hive, the process can feel a bit overwhelming.

Before you can begin extracting honey from your hive, you need to remove the desired frames. Some beekeepers decide to extract all of their honey at once, others that have many hives, divide up their extraction time. I borrow the honey extractor from our local Bee Guild, so I extract all of my honey at one time.


Also, using an extractor allows you to return much of the honey comb back into the hive intact -- whereas the crush-and-strain method destroys it, forcing your bees to have to spend valuable weeks rebuilding the entire comb before they can start stocking honey again.

As I tell most people who are curious about the process, prepare to be underwhelmed. If you're using an extractor, harvesting honey is straightforward and takes surprisingly little time. So the good news is: anyone with zero prior experience can easily do this.



As a beekeeper, it is necessary for you to buy a honey extractor at your local beekeeping store or from your local bee guild. 

How to Feed Honeys in a Right Way?

Le 21 November 2014, 09:28 dans Technologie 0

More and more people is engaged in beekeeping due to its less investment and more gains. However, it is not an easy work for a beginner who is lack of experience in beekeeping;  We are a beekeeping equipment manufacturers china with many years of beekeeping experience, here we will share some useful tips with you to feed honeys.

1. subsidy rearing: that is, when artificial feeding nectar lacks conducted. The methods are: feeding honey. Available diluted honey into warm water two. Honey diluted, can be fed into the spleen of a method or an inner frame-type feeder feeding bees; Feeding syrup.


2. Reward Feeding: artificial feeding and breeding colony of bees in the production phase carried out, usually for a small amount of 60% or 50% Miye syrup, early spring when every other day, after consumption increases, may 1 day, time honey flow period from 40 days before, until the outside world has a lot of powder taken into so far.

3. Feeding Pollen: The aim is to add protein feed, which you can buy from

beekeeping equipment manufacturers. In the late winter and early spring, before the fall of the year replenishment preserved pollen, soy flour can also be used instead. Feeding methods are as follows: liquid feed. The pollen plus 10 times the syrup, boil and cool down after fed into the feeder; cake to feed. The pollen or pollen substitute equal amount of honey or syrup, stir evenly, made pie, outsourcing, plastic paper, open at both ends, placed in box beam for bee foraging.


 4. Feeding water and salts: general need to pick each colony 200 to 300 ml of water per day, filled with water or put a wet towel in the yarn cover for their own water harvesting in the feeder, adding 1% in syrup salt.

Fixing a Digital Caliper in a Right Way

Le 21 November 2014, 09:28 dans Lifestyle 0

Digital caliper is a common-used tool in our daily life. Do you know how to fix it once it can’t work very well? It is easy to do it as long as you follow the next steps:

1.       You will find that there is a metalized sticker in the back of the caliper produced by

digital caliper manufacturers china, remove it!

2.       Low electric voltage may result to flashing digits, so you should replace the battery quickly once you find this problem.

3.       No electric voltage will led to no display. The best choice for you is to replace the old battery with new one.

4.       If there is a problem with mechanical abrasion, you must be careful to avoid any forceful striking, straightening or bending. You need spend more time on repairing it not only because 'Zero' can be set at any position but also because it's not limited by zero - error of vernier calipers.


5.       Measuring Instruction: Typically, the absolute measurements. As mentioned above, 'zero' is set. Differential measurements are usually taken to improve the measurement accuracy. First, a block meter (about measuring the size of the project), or other artifacts standard size) measuring surface with the appropriate pressure (3-5N), and then set between zero and zero button opposite. Most calipers from caliper manufacturers china is very easy to use. Standard-sized differences are shown (since the value of the difference is small, it is often referred to as distance measurement) the measurement of the time of one item. The sum of the difference between the standard size as mentioned above, the measured or actual size of the item absolute dimensions.

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